Cash Draw Calendar Fundraiser

THANK YOU to everyone who supported and purchased tickets for the Cash Draw Calendar fundraiser!  

All prizes will be drawn and winners will be posted on our website January 1st. 

Support the Foothills Skating Club with the Cash Draw Calendar fundraiser. Tickets are available from club members and are $20 each.  Each ticket gives you a chance to win CASH for each day in January (each ticket can win more than once). All prizes will be drawn on January 1, 2016.

Information for Club Members – Tickets are available to pick up from Andrea. Please return all tickets stubs and cash to Andrea before the Christmas break.  Volunteer Points – For the first 5 Cash Calendar tickets that you sell, your family will receive 1 Volunteer Point.  For any additional 5 Cash Calendar tickets that you sell, you will get 2 Volunteer Points. (Please note, this incentive only applies to the Cash Calendar fundraiser).

ATTENTION: The website address on the Cash Calendars should be

We greatly appreciate everyone’s participation in this fundraiser as everyone’s effort helps the Club get closer to our fundraising goal for the year and helps pay for ice and keep fees lower for our families. If you have any questions about fundraising please contact Andrea or Amanda.