Our Program Assistants (PAs)

Photo Credits: Plumtree Images

img_9305 Tia

January 2017 CanSkate PA of the Month!
Tia is great at thinking on her feet and adapting to the skaters’ needs, she is a positive presence on the ice.
March 2017 CanSkate PA of the Month!
Tia was great at handling the stresses of March and keeping the skaters motivated and enjoying skating till the end

img_9294 Natalie

February 2017 PreCan PA of the Month!
Natalie listens to what the coaches say and does her best to do what is needed

img_9292 Rachel

October 2016 Pre-CanSkate PA of the Month!
Rachel works well with the kids, gives ideas, asks questions and always stays positive.

img_9291 Abby 2016/2017 PreCanSkate PA of the Year 


img_9289 Avery  

December 2016 Pre-CanSkate PA of the Month!
Avery is a great team player and often offers helpful suggestions towards the program.
February 2017 CanSkate PA of the Month!
Avery is great at helping the skaters to stay motivated when they are struggling and encouraging them to keep going

img_9297 Maggie

November 2016 Pre-CanSkate PA of the Month
Maggie is great at encouraging and motivating the skaters.

img_9301 Tianna

img_9303 Claire

November 2016  CanSkate PA of the Month!
Claire is a positive role model for the skaters and other PAs, she is great at encouraging the skaters to work hard.

 img_9290 Julie
January 2017 Pre-CanSkate PA of the Month!
Julie always shows enthusiasm when working with skaters and is consistently helping the kids to the best of her abilities

img_9295 Shawn

img_9302 Katie 2016/2017 CanSkate PA of the Year 

October 2016 CanSkate PA of the Month!
Katie has been a strong and positive presence on the ice, she is great at helping both the skaters and other PAs.
December 2016 CanSkate PA of the Month!
Katie is always willing to do anything she is asked to ensure the smooth running of the program. She is a great motivator for the skaters.

img_9293 Mackenzie

March 2017 PreCan PA of the Month!
Mackenzie is amazing with the kids and always does what’s asked of her


Photo Credits: Randal Williamson