Our Program Assistants (PAs)

Photo Credits: Alicia Nicole Wopereis Photography

December 2017 CanSkate PA of the Month
Tia is great at adjusting her coaching to fit the needs of the skaters to keep them motivated and working hard
February 2018 CanSkate PA of the Month
Tia is a great role model not only for the skaters, but also for the other PAs. She is always willing to help her fellow PAs when she can while still keeping her skaters moving and working hard.

October 2017 CanSkate PA of the Month
Natalie is great at adapting to and anticipating the needs of the program and is a positive presence on the ice.
March 2018 CanSkate PA of the Month
Natalie has shown initiative and has been taking on more responsibilities to assist the coaches and fellow PAs, she works hard to keep her skaters moving and having fun.

October 2017 PreCan PA of the Month
Rachel is really good at keeping the skaters moving and motivated and is able to come up with solutions on her own
December 2017 PreCan PA of the Month
Rachel has shown initiative and good judgement in knowing when and how to assist skaters and when to ask the one of the Coaches for help

 Abby 2016/2017 PreCanSkate PA of the Year 
November 2017 PreCan PA of the Month
Abby always works well with all the skaters and is able to keep them engaged and participating
March 2018 PreCan PA of the Month
Abby brings a positive energy to the ice, is wonderful with the skaters and is always happy to assist the coaches with any task.

January 2018 CanSkate PA of the Month
Avery is great at making the sessions fun and engaging for all skaters.

November 2017 CanSkate PA of the Month
Maggie is a positive and engaging presence on the ice and is great at encouraging the skaters to keep working hard

February 2018 PreCanSkate PA of the Month
Julie is always full of energy, keeping the kids excited and happy. She is also very good at coming up with new ways to keep them interested and moving.

img_9295 Shawn

January 2018 PreCan PA of the Month
Mackenzie has really taken initiative with the skaters and has been trying to take on more responsibility.