Our Professional Coaches

L-R: Courtney & Kami


Kami Gelinas: Junior Coach                Years of Coaching: 4                                          
[email protected]     

Skating Accomplishments: Quad Gold in Freeskate, Artistic, and Skating Skills. Diamond Dance certified. Bronze Rhythm Dance certified. Dance Variation certified. Novice Competitive singles certified.                                                             

Coaching Accreditation/Education: Certified Canskate Coach. BSc in kinesiology with focus in Biomechanics from UofC (2007)                                                                 

Programs Coached: Canskate, StarSkate                                            

 Days Available: Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesday


Courtney Johnson: Junior Coach                   Years of Coaching:   2                                                                                       [email protected]

Skating Accomplishments: Gold Free Skating Test, Gold Dance Test, Gold Skating Skills Test, Pre-Novice Competitive Pair, Junior Competitive Singles.

Coaching Accreditation/Education: Canskate Coach in Training

Programs Coached: Pre CanSkate, CanSkate, Prelim Prep

Days Available: Mondays and Thursdays                


Natalie Greening: Junior Coach           Years of Coaching: First year

[email protected]

Skating Accomplishments:

Coaching Accreditation/Education: CanSkate Coach in Training

Programs Coached: Pre CanSkate, CanSkate

Days Available: Mondays 







General program inquiries can be made to [email protected]
For private lessons please contact the coach directly.